Email marketing strategies designed to reach your customers, effectively.

Chris Couve Digital is an email marketing and database management specialist. We own and manage local and global opt-in profiled email databases and offer our clients the ability to target their desired customer demographic through promo email marketing. All our email data is opt-in, profiled, carefully managed and highly responsive. That means that every person on our email databases has given their permission to be contacted, profiled themselves and indicated their preference for products and services in which they are interested. Every one of our opt-in email addresses is a profiled consumer waiting to be turned into a customer by our clients.

Create, Send, Engage, Convert

We employ robust features and techniques to drive conversions.

Our core features give you everything you need to make your emails professional and effective. We offer an array of rich features related to online marketing to boost conversions, with a state-of-the-art system designed with B2B and B2C customers in mind. We also offer a usable interface with a drag and drop editor to design campaigns in seconds

Contact List Management

A well-managed email database of existing and potential customers is one of the most valuable assets a company owns.

Properly managing and maintaining your contact lists is a critical yet often overlooked component of effective email marketing. Once you’ve grown an organic list of quality contacts, you’ll want to manage it to ensure the integrity of the list moving forward.

List maintenance has become a necessary best practice for email marketing success. Hard bounces, soft bounces, and unengaged subscribers can have a negative impact on email deliverability.

We manage you email lists so you can manage your business.

Real Time Reporting

One place to measure your performance.

Online email campaign reports include pictorial and report format views of how many people clicked on which link, and how many bounced back. Reports can be integrated with Google Analytics to find out which of your products or services are big hits.

Not only do we manage the e-mail marketing for you, but we also provide you with detailed feedback and statistics on the effectiveness of the campaign. All you have to do is submit your content, and we do the rest!

Results Driven

Chris Couve Digital regularly generates 20% and higher response rates to our marketing campaigns.

Promo email marketing done correctly consistently provides excellent response and ROI. We regularly generate 20% and higher response rates to our marketing campaigns.  Each one of our campaigns is followed by full reporting so the client can see the exact response generated. The average response to direct marketing is 0.1%, the average banner click rate is 0.6%. The number speak for themselves!